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Drug ID

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Drug ID Description:

Drug ID is an application that utilizes photo recognition to identify tablets and capsules. This app will save time for medical professionals, be an aid to students, care-takers, elders and help the general population in the process of identifying pills.

Drug ID is a sophisticated, yet simple mobile application that utilizes state of the art pill recognition technology to quickly and accurately identify prescription drugs. Designed for use on both iOS and Android devices, it delivers accurate and immediate results to the consumer by simply scanning a pill with a phone’s camera. Whether the device is being used behind the counter or for personal use, Drug ID increases efficiency when sorting pills and helps saves lives by effectively identifying medications for the user.

• Capture the image - Place the pill on any surface, center in the view finder and press the red button to capture image. Adjust and crop image for best results. Select “Use Image” and the technology in Drug ID will begin to analyze your photo.

• Verify pill - Drug ID will analyze the image and provide imprint, color, shape of pill. Correct and confirm details then select “Submit”. The technology will auto recognize shape, color, and imprint details to identify the pill.

• Pill results - Results are sorted and driven by most exact match based on recognition. When match is found, click on the pill for more details ie: brand name, generic name, strength, imprint, etc.

• Learning technology - Drug ID uses a learning technology that teaches itself to improve based on the number of images taken and analyzed by the software. Once cropped the technology will attempt to recognize the shape and color of your pill. In the background the technology is teaching itself to recognize the imprint. Once enough user data is collected the App will attempt to recognize the pill imprint but will allow you to confirm and correct if needed. This feature will become more prominent in the future.

Drug ID screenshot for Android
Drug ID screenshot for Android
Drug ID screenshot for Android
Drug ID screenshot for Android

Drug ID Require:

Require Android 4.1 and up

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