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iPro™2 myLog

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iPro™2 myLog Description:

***Use with physician prescribed iPro™2 professional continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device***

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The iPro™2 myLog app lets you easily record your daily events -- blood glucose values, meals, exercise activities and steps, medications, and sleep -- while you are undergoing an iPro™2 CGM evaluation for your physician. After the evaluation ends, your events will automatically be sent to your clinician and seamlessly synced with your complete glucose profile. This simple device combined with the events you log in the iPro™2 myLog app will unleash a powerful piece of information for you and your physician to uncover the valuable link between lifestyle and glucose variability.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Now you will see a full picture of your glucose profile…24 hours a day for up to 6 days! Also, unlike any other professional CGM device on the market, through the iPro™2 myLog app you can see a personalized report called FoodPrint™. This report shows images of the meals logged within the app and provides grades on how well, or not so well, your body’s glucose reacted to them. Then check out simple meal tips to uncover ways to improve your meal choices. Start today and begin to find out which foods you love – also love you back!

The iPro™2 system is a professional continuous glucose monitoring diagnostic tool used intermittently to diagnose glucose patterns in patients with diabetes mellitus for therapy optimization and patient coaching. For more information ask your physician about Medtronic’s iPro™2 CGM system today or click the link below!

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iPro™2 myLog screenshot for Android
iPro™2 myLog screenshot for Android
iPro™2 myLog screenshot for Android
iPro™2 myLog screenshot for Android
iPro™2 myLog screenshot for Android

iPro™2 myLog Require:

Require Android 5.0 and up

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