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QuickEM Description:

QuickEM is a rapid bedside reference designed by an emergency medicine resident for EM interns, medical students, and rotators. It includes the differential diagnosis, history, physical exam, tests, and treatments for over 50 of the most common chief complaints to the emergency department. In addition, it features over 30 of the most useful clinical decision rules in the emergency department. For those who are new to emergency medicine (medical students, new interns, and rotating interns/residents in other fields), there is an included list of tips, basic overview of trauma, “must know” list of medications, and recommended resources for learning.
Patients of any age with any complaint can present to the emergency room. As a medical student or intern, there is no way to prepare for the innumerable diseases and complaints that come through the door. Most apps or other medical resources take too long to read in the ED and still don’t tell you what tests need to be ordered or what treatments to initiate. This app includes the fundamentals for the initial patient encounter in the emergency room: a rapid differential of worst-first and most common diagnoses for the top chief complaints in the emergency room, the appropriate tests for each complaint, treatment guidelines, and a basic summary of patient disposition. This is not meant to be an exhaustive resource, and should only be used as an adjunct for medical students or interns.
• > 50 Common Chief Complaints
• Differential diagnoses, relevant history and physical exam, initial tests, and initial treatments listed for each chief complaint
• Rapid pearls and mnemonics
• > 30 top EM clinical decision tools and how to interpret the results
• Tips for medical students and rotators
• No ads, no information-sharing, no email address required to use, and currently completely free
This app is explicitly designed for healthcare professionals only, not the lay public.
Known bugs:
• Back button does not function properly
• Free-text for the Parkland Formula may change formula display location to mid-screen depending on keyboard used.

QuickEM screenshot for Android
QuickEM screenshot for Android
QuickEM screenshot for Android
QuickEM screenshot for Android
QuickEM screenshot for Android

QuickEM Require:

Require Android 4.0 and up

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