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Iridology Unlocker

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What is Iridology Unlocker?

Iridology Unlocker is This app unlocks both apps "Miniris" and "Eye Diagnosis" for unlimited use.. Jörg Eisfeld created Iridology Unlocker app to meet the need for Iridology apps in modern medicine. With an average rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars, its latest Iridology Unlocker apk 1.0.6 is from Friday 19th of November 2021 and is available for free download here.

Iridology Unlocker screenshot for Android
Iridology Unlocker screenshot for Android

Iridology Unlocker description

The apps "Miniris" and "Eye Diagnosis" support the visualization of eye photographs on an Android device, in order to do medical iris diagnosis. Both apps are limited to two weeks trial use.

The app "Iridology Unlocker" enables unlimited use of these two apps, as an alternative to in-app packs.

The app "Iridology Unlocker" does not run standalone. It requires the apps "Miniris" and/or "Eye Diagnosis" to be installed. After the installation of "Iridology Unlocker", these two apps can be fully used.

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Follow those simple instructions to enjoy Iridology Unlocker in it's full potential.

1. Convert your phone into an iris scanner and hide your files

2. More than 800 arrested worldwide after FBI secretly set-up encrypted app to catch criminals

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