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Eye Care Plus

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Eye Care Plus Description:

Your ultimate eye care app that allows to
* Prevent eye diseases with early identification through 14 tests
* Support and improve your vision with 20 eye trainings
* Raise your eye health awareness through our Eye Guide

Vision tests are aimed at identifying and preventing eye issues and diseases. There are currently 15 tests in our app:
- Visual Acuity Test (Snellen chart; LogMAR chart; Golovin–Sivtsev table; Landolt C known also as Japanese Vision Test; Tumbling E chart)
- Eye Quiz
- Accommodation Quiz
- Dry Eye Quiz
- Glaucoma Awareness Quiz
- Cataracts Awareness Quiz
- Cataracts Quiz
- Glasses Check
- Astigmatism Test
- Contrast Sensitivity Test
- Central Vision Test
- Duochrome Acuity Test
- Red Desaturation Test
- Color Blindness Test
- Color Arrangement Test
- Hue Test (coming soon)

Vision tests are useful for:
- Patients with blurred or distorted vision
- Patients with blurred vision at night
- Patients with eye strains or chronic headaches or fatigue
- Patients with normal visual acuity who still experience fuzzy, cloudy vision
- Patients who have memorized the Eye chart
- Prevention
- House visits
- Household tests for adults who have doubts if a doctor's visit is required
- Household tests for children
- Schools, kindergartens, universities or offices for monitoring
- Patients with macular degeneration (usually instructed to monitor their vision daily)
- Nursing homes

Around 20 Eye and Vision Trainings that aim at improving eyesight by relaxing your eye muscles, making them stronger, improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue.
We recommend setting up a training schedule at least for working days and giving several minutes to your eye training.
Warm-up Trainings:
- Palming
- Blinking
Complex Trainings:
- Complex 1
- Complex 2
- 5 Minute
- 7 Minute
- 10 Minute
Relaxation Trainings:
- Pattern Focus
- Light Flicker
- Two Objects
Mind-Brain Trainings:
- Moving Object
- Hue Arrangement
- Stereogram (coming soon)
- Two Objects
Eye Muscles and Focus Trainings:
- Random Move
- Left-Right Move
- Circle Focus
- Closed Eye Move
- Closing Tight
- Tibetan Eye Chart

Here you can find the most useful and important information for your eye health. This section covers:
- Direct contact with professional ophthalmologists
- Eye Health Tips
- Nutrition tips
- Eye Health blog
- Healthy recipes for better vision
- First aid information

And all this you can find in a fun, gaming mode!

- English
- Russian
- Spanish
- Chinese

This application is not intended to replace ophthalmologist's regular full examination.
We recommend you get a full eye exam after using it.
Trainings are not guaranteed to give perceptible/substantial results.

Eye Care Plus screenshot for Android
Eye Care Plus screenshot for Android
Eye Care Plus screenshot for Android
Eye Care Plus screenshot for Android
Eye Care Plus screenshot for Android
Eye Care Plus screenshot for Android

Eye Care Plus Require:

Require Android 4.0 and up

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