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MedicineList+ Description:

MedicineList+ provides individuals, carers, families, doctors and nurses, with a comprehensive and easy to use medication reminder system that links with your local pharmacy. It takes the stress out of managing your medicines and helps you stay on top of your own health as well as those in your care.
Download the free MedicineList+ app and connect it to your local participating pharmacy to start populating your prescription medicines record now. For a list of participating pharmacies, please check here

You can view your prescription medicines, as well as add additional medicines e.g. vitamins and over-the-counter medicines. MedicineList+ also helps you to manage health conditions, measurements, medical tests and results for yourself and others.
If you don’t visit a participating pharmacy you can still use the app as normal by entering all your own medicines and other health information into the app.

The free Australian medicine app, MedicineList+ allows you to:

Connect with your local participating pharmacy to start your medicines list
• Once you’ve downloaded the app, a short set-up tutorial will help you generate a unique linking code to connect to your pharmacy
• Once connected, your pharmacist will start populating your medicines record by sending your prescription information to your MedicineList+ app. It will be updated regularly to ensure you have the latest medicines information with you at all times
• You’ll benefit from a stronger relationship with your pharmacist and feel better prepared for conversations with health professionals.

If your pharmacy isn’t linked with MedicineList+, no problem. You can still use the app as normal to:

List, track and set reminders for medicine use
• Record and set medicine reminders for prescription, non prescription and complimentary medicines
• Add medicines by scanning the barcode, using a pick list or using free text in the MedicineList+ comprehensive medicine search
• Set medicine reminders and create a regular medicine schedule
• Add medicine details such as reason for use, dose, frequency and extra instructions
• Track your medicine use and email your medicine use records

Record health information:
• Record your blood pressure, height, weight and any allergies
• Set general reminders e.g. prescription refills or doctor’s appointments
• Add your health professionals’ contact details
• List your medical tests and test results
• Create health trend graphs and email them

Create user profiles:
• Record personal details
• Create and personalise multiple user profiles, making it easier for nurses, doctors and carers to keep track of patients. It also assists parents to stay on top of family medicine requirements
• Note details for emergency contacts, Medicare cards and medical insurance

Make notes
• Record your own notes in the MedicineList+ app database and questions to ask your doctor
• Make notes related to individual health professionals

So whether you are a carer looking to keep track of multiple patients, want to become more organised with you and your family members’ medicine schedules or simply struggle to remember your own medicine lists and medicinal requirements, the free medicine app, MedicineList+ by NPS MedicineWise, will be an invaluable asset to your daily life.

MedicineList+ screenshot for Android
MedicineList+ screenshot for Android
MedicineList+ screenshot for Android
MedicineList+ screenshot for Android
MedicineList+ screenshot for Android
MedicineList+ screenshot for Android

MedicineList+ Require:

Require Android 2.3.3 and up

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