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Following is our list of the best brazil apps for Android. Trusted developers like Dr Eric Grossi Neurocirurgia BH and are known to create software that in theory will improve wellbeing and health. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include MEDcodigos Health Brazil Codes, .

1 MEDcodigos Health Brazil Codes

Medical codes for both heath’s system, public and private, TUSS SIGTAP procedure

The MEDcodigos Health Brazil Codes app for Android is a comprehensive medical coding app that provides a range of useful features. It allows users to access current prices for medical procedures in the SUS (Brazil's public health system) and compare them with other metrics such as the IPCA, US dollar, and minimum wage. Users can also find all CBHPM codes from 2008 to 2018, compare CBHPM 18 with CBHPM 16, and access information on 57 health insurance agreements including ANS numbers, consultation prices, and current tables. The app also includes information on CID and OPME for each SUS procedure, guides for 56 health plans, and comprehensive search functions for various medical code tables. It offers tables for TUSS, CBHPM, and SUS, allowing users to view port, description, anesthesia prices, code, and remuneration. The app has received positive reviews and is ad-free, with updates provided free of charge. It is designed to work offline after the initial access, and while it may be slow during the first 2-3 accesses, it will soon become faster. The app was developed by UFMG doctors and aims to raise awareness about the issues and inequalities in Brazil's healthcare system.

MEDcodigos Health Brazil Codes
MEDcodigos Health Brazil Codes
Price: $3.49
Android Rating:
5.0 ★★★★★

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