1 Best Close apps for Android (Medical)

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Following is our list of the best close apps for Android. Trusted developers like OdontoCompany and are known to create software that in theory will improve wellbeing and health. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include Odontocompany, .

1 Odontocompany

The biggest in the world always close to you. Schedule your assessment now!

The Odontocompany app is the largest dental network in the world. Over 1 million Brazilians have already had their dental implants done at Odontocompany clinics, which offer a multidisciplinary team and a clean and family-friendly environment. The app allows users to explore the various treatments offered by the network, such as implantology, orthodontics, dental prosthesis, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Users can also find clinics, schedule evaluations, and even pay their bills online. Download the app now and experience the convenience of Odontocompany!

Price: Free
Android Rating:
4.0 ★★★★☆

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