1 Best Dossier apps for Android (Medical)

Following is our list of the best dossier apps for Android. Trusted developers like Nedap Healthcare and are known to create software that in theory will improve wellbeing and health. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include Ons Dossier, .

1 Ons Dossier

Safely access client dossier while on location.

The Ons Dossier app allows health care providers to access client dossiers on their mobile phones. It provides easy and secure access to care plans, report writing, and clinimetric measurements. The app can be used even in offline mode, making it convenient for on-location use. However, access to client dossiers in Ons Administratie is required to use this app.

Ons Dossier
Ons Dossier
Price: Free
Android Rating:
4.0 ★★★★☆

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