1 Best Ministry apps for Android (Medical)

Following is our list of the best ministry apps for Android. Trusted developers like Governo do Brasil and are known to create software that in theory will improve wellbeing and health. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include Conecte SUS, .

1 Conecte SUS

Connect SUS is the official mobile platform of the Ministry of Health.

The Conecte SUS Cidadão app is the official app of the Ministry of Health in Brazil. It allows Brazilian citizens to view their interactions with healthcare providers and track their history in the Unified Health System (SUS). Users can see their medical exams, vaccines, medication dispensing, and find health facilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the app also provides information on COVID-19 vaccination in Brazil. Key features include accessing COVID-19 test results, viewing vaccination history, issuing a national COVID-19 vaccination certificate, accessing hospitalization history, checking medications from the Farmácia Popular, finding nearby health services, and getting nutritional tips and BMI calculation. The app is a convenient way for citizens to have easy access to their health information and stay informed about their healthcare.

Conecte SUS
Conecte SUS
Price: Free
Android Rating:
4.1 ★★★★★

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