1 Best Switch apps for Android (Medical)

Following is our list of the best switch apps for Android. Trusted developers like Induction Healthcare Limited and are known to create software that in theory will improve wellbeing and health. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include Induction, .

1 Induction

Induction Switch provides hospital information for medical professionals

The Induction Switch app is a popular and trusted tool used by over 72,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. It is the most used app in the UK's National Health Service. The app allows you to easily view and share phone extensions and pager numbers for any hospital in any country. You can also access and download local guidelines for offline use. The app includes a quick dial feature for hospital extensions and allows you to create your own private list of numbers and secure codes. You can also maintain a list of favorite numbers for emergencies. The app offers offline compatibility and data encryption to healthcare standards. It also has a responsive web application for easy access.

Price: Free
Android Rating:
4.3 ★★★★★

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