3D Cardiology Small animals

3D Cardiology Small animals

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3D Cardiology Small animals

What is Cardiology in Animals?

Cardiology in animals is an area of veterinary medicine that focuses on diseases and disorders of the heart and blood vessels in animals. This specialty deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as heart disease, irregular heart rhythms, and heart failure in pets.

What is the Function of the Cardiovascular System in Animals?

The cardiovascular system in animals, much like in humans, plays an essential role in maintaining life and health. It circulates blood throughout the body, ensuring the transport of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other necessary substances to cells, and helps in removing waste products. Any compromise in this system can lead to serious health consequences in our pets.

What Does an ECG Measure in Animals?

An electrocardiogram, or ECG as it's often abbreviated, measures the electrical activity of the heart in animals. It detects and records the heart's rhythm and can identify any irregularities. As someone with medical knowledge, I understand how crucial this test can be in picking up early signs of heart disease or monitoring the progress of existing conditions in pets.

What are the Most Engaging Features of the 3D Cardiology Small Animals App?

What I find most engaging about the 3D Cardiology Small Animals app are its well-designed and practical features. It offers in-depth 3D models and clear visuals of the heart, providing a valuable tool for understanding complex cardiac anatomy and disorders in small animals. The app also offers interactive resources that can be incredibly beneficial for both pet owners and veterinarians alike. Having this tool at my disposal has enriched my understanding and appreciation of animal cardiology.

Author Veselin Nedev

What is 3D Cardiology Small animals?

3D Cardiology Small animals is a medical app for Android OS that is in the field of dogs and veterinary. Augmented reality app complement to the book 3D Cardiology in small animals. Grupo Asís Biomedia created 3D Cardiology Small animals to meet the need for Dogs apps in medicine. With an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, its latest 3D Cardiology Small animals apk is from Friday 8th of September 2023 and is available for free download here.

3D Cardiology Small animals description

The 3D Cardiology Small animals app is a helpful tool for veterinarians. It works with a book and uses augmented reality to display dynamic 3D images of the heart and its diseases. By scanning QR codes in the book with your mobile device's camera, you can see the heart's pathologies in three dimensions. This helps veterinarians understand the diseases better and determine the appropriate treatment. The app also allows you to see the normal heart and the changes it undergoes in congestive heart failure. It's a useful link between echocardiography and three-dimensional structure in augmented reality.

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