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Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

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What is Anxiety Relief Hypnosis?

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is Stress, Panic Attacks, Reduce anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts with hypnotherapy*. Surf City Apps created Anxiety Relief Hypnosis app to meet the need for Relaxation apps in modern medicine. With an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, its latest Anxiety Relief Hypnosis apk 2.36 is from Tuesday 24th of March 2020 and is available for free download here.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis screenshot for Android
Anxiety Relief Hypnosis screenshot for Android
Anxiety Relief Hypnosis screenshot for Android

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis description

If you’re seeking stress relief or anti anxiety help, you are not alone. Anxiety and depression affect millions and can make everyday life unbearable. But if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, don’t get frustrated using an anxiety tracker and seeing no improvement. Before giving up, try tapping into the power of hypnotherapy with a guided anxiety meditation written and read by a certified hypnotherapist. This anxiety help app is designed to show you how to reduce anxiety and to learn anxiety management techniques. When your anxiety is reduced, you may also notice an improvement in related symptoms like anger management, OCD, PTSD, or even panic attack relief. You have the power to relieve stress, anxiety and depression — see if hypnosis is right for you to unlock your own ability to live your life outside of the shadow of depression and anxiety!*

? A single audio session of 30 minutes a day that is effective* in just 1–3 weeks
? Hypnosis audio carefully read by the soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist
? Peaceful background music and nature sounds to help you relax
? Hypnotic Booster with binaural beats to induce your brainwave frequency into an optimal state for receiving hypnotic suggestions
? Separate volume controls for Voice, Background, and Hypnotic Booster
? Awaken at End feature can be disabled at bedtime for a relaxing, restful sleep
? Repeat sessions or loop while you sleep
? Continue listening to background sounds after the session ends

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is free to try and effective* with the default settings. A one-time in-app purchase is required only if you wish to change the default settings. (Each of our free hypnosis apps includes its own in-app purchase; in-app purchases cannot be shared among separate apps.)


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