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What is DocTime?

DocTime is DocTime is your Online Medical Service provider that cares for you and family.. Doctime Limited created DocTime app to meet the need for Doctime apps in modern medicine. With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, its latest DocTime apk 0.19.8 is from Saturday 19th of November 2022 and is available for free download here.

DocTime screenshot for Android
DocTime screenshot for Android
DocTime screenshot for Android

DocTime description

DocTime is your Online Medical Service provider that cares for you and your family when you need it, at affordable prices, and with the best quality of care. DocTime is a complete healthcare App created with an intent of becoming your first point of contact for Health, Wellbeing, and Happiness.

DocTime gives you the best digital patient experience in Bangladesh. We wish to bring Access and Quality of Care into the digital world so that we can improve your lives, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

What services do we offer?

All our healthcare services are right at your fingertips. Here’s what you can enjoy on-demand, or with our monthly packages through our app:

* On demand Online Doctor Consultation - You can now consult Top Doctors in Bangladesh via video/audio call/chat within 10 minutes on the DocTime app. No more long queues or waiting times. Consult DocTime Doctors with over 20 specialities and enjoy hassle-free follow-up consultations. You can find GPs and Specialists doctors from the best hospitals and medical practices on the DocTime App.

* Get Medicines Delivered to you in record time across major metropolitan areas in Bangladesh. Our robust network of online pharmacy and physical pharmacy partners ensures that medicine reaches you when you need it most.

* Diagnostic Tests: You can book Lab Tests including Blood Tests, Check-ups and Preventive Health Check-ups for a Home Pick-up with our medical labs partners in selected cities in Bangladesh.

* Digitised Health Records: DocTime is an integrated platform that stores all health records for each member of your family on the app. Your past consultations, doctor’s notes, your prescriptions, your medical conditions – all will be automatically available on the app.

* Additional Features:
- Search and filter for verified doctor by speciality, experience, ratings, profile, price, gender, available online now

- Attach documents or photos to help t

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Follow those simple instructions to enjoy DocTime in it's full potential.

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