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MiniMed™ Mobile US

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What is MiniMed™ Mobile US?

MiniMed™ Mobile US is a medical app for Android OS that is in the field of insulin and minimed. Insulin pump display. Medtronic, Inc. created MiniMed™ Mobile US to meet the need for Insulin apps in medicine. With an average rating of 2.2 out of 5 stars, its latest MiniMed™ Mobile US apk is from Wednesday 4th of October 2023 and is available for free download here.

MiniMed™ Mobile US description

The MiniMed™ Mobile app allows you to see important information from your insulin pump and CGM on your smartphone. You can check your glucose levels, review your history, and see trends easily. It also automatically uploads data to CareLink™ software, making it easier to share with your care partners. Please note that this app only works with MiniMed™ 700-series insulin pump systems and is not compatible with other MiniMed™ or Paradigm™ pumps. It is intended for those aged 7 and over with type 1 diabetes. This app is not meant to replace the real-time display on your insulin pump and should not be used to make therapy decisions. It does not analyze or modify the data it receives and cannot control your continuous glucose monitoring system. For technical or customer service issues, please contact your local Medtronic support line.

Download MiniMed™ Mobile US

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