AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy

AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy

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What is AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy?

AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy is a medical app for Android OS that is in the field of sonoanatomy and anaesthesia. An innovative resource for ultrasound use in anaesthesia.. Sumo Enterprises created AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy to meet the need for Sonoanatomy apps in medicine. With an average rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars, its latest AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy apk is from Wednesday 4th of October 2023 and is available for free download here.

AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy description

The AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy app is a helpful tool for anaesthetists in the operating theatre. It helps identify different structures using ultrasound and provides a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding anatomy. The app includes multiple examples of sonoanatomy, landmark sketches, and displays the innervation of nerve blocks. It also allows for image flipping, demonstrates proper positioning, and provides practical tips from experienced clinicians. The app covers various perioperative uses of ultrasound and can be easily updated. It contains over 250 ultrasound images with colour overlays, innervation images, ergonomic images, landmark sketches, and notes. The app works offline and can be used during procedures, learning, and teaching ultrasound.

AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy features

  • provides multiple examples of the sonoanatomy as every individual is different,
  • provides landmark sketches useful for developing pattern recognition of landmark structures, and for trainees to draw in exams,
  • allows combining and comparing block innervation,
  • allows images to be flipped to display both L and R sided orientation,
  • demonstrates functional ergonomics with patient, ultrasound screen and proceduralist positioning essential for efficient practical performance,
  • provides block notes with sonoanatomy tips and practical tips from experienced clinicians which can be invaluable to the learner.
  • gastric antrum
  • vascular access
  • transthoracic echo
  • lung signs
  • over 250 ultrasound images with over 1500 sonoanatomy colour overlays,
  • innervation images,
  • ergonomic images,
  • landmarks pattern sketches,
  • loops when required for dynamic sonoanatomy,

Download AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy

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