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What is GLog?

GLog is a medical app for Android OS that is in the field of cholesterol and glucose. Glucose Logbook for Diab, Tracks blood glucose, weight, A1c and more. With charts and email export.. Stella Domus created GLog to meet the need for Cholesterol apps in medicine. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, its latest GLog apk is from Tuesday 5th of September 2023 and is available for free download here.

GLog description

GLog is an app for diabetics to keep track of their health information. It allows you to record and monitor your blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, A1c, and cholesterol levels. You can easily share this information with your doctor via email and view it on charts. The app also lets you set time periods for your blood sugar readings and offers different views for charts. You can export your data to your Android file system and customize the date range and type of data exported. If you need any assistance, you can contact

GLog features

  • Quickly record blood glucose, weight, blood pressure, A1c and cholesterol readings
  • Set a time period (After Lunch, Before Dinner etc.) for your blood glucose readings
  • View charts for Blood Glucose, Weight and Blood Pressure
  • Charts have Day, Week and Month Views
  • Email readings to your doctor in Excel or CVS format.
  • Export data to your Android file system.
  • Set custom date range for exported records
  • Select what type of data is exported

Download GLog

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