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What is Express Plus Medicare?

Express Plus Medicare is a medical app for Android OS that is in the field of clinical and consultation. Use Express Plus Medicare to connect with Medicare.. Australian Government Department of Human Services created Express Plus Medicare to meet the need for Clinical apps in medicine. With an average rating of 2.8 out of 5 stars, its latest Express Plus Medicare apk is from Wednesday 4th of October 2023 and is available for free download here.

Express Plus Medicare description

The Express Plus Medicare app is a convenient way to manage your Medicare business online. You can use the app anytime, anywhere to do a variety of tasks. Some of the main features include submitting Medicare claims, enrolling a newborn into Medicare, updating your bank account details and contact information, viewing your Medicare card details, ordering a replacement card, viewing your Medicare Claims History Statements, checking your Medicare Safety Net balance, registering or changing your organ donation decision, and viewing immunisation history statements for yourself and your child under 14. To use the app, you need a myGov account linked to Medicare. Simply sign in with your myGov details and create a myGov PIN. If you need assistance, you can find help guides on the website.

Express Plus Medicare features

  •   submit Medicare claims
  •   enrol a newborn into Medicare
  •   update your bank account details and contact information
  •   view a digital copy of your Medicare card details and current card members
  •   order a replacement or duplicate Medicare card
  •   view and download your Medicare Claims History Statements for the last 3 years
  •   register or change your organ donation decision
  •   view a digital copy or request a new organ donor card
  •   view and download immunisation history statements for:

Download Express Plus Medicare

We at AndroidMedical test all the apps we list on this website, so we can guarantee that Express Plus Medicare is a safe app to install on your Android OS phone or tablet.

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