Petralex Hearing Aid App

Petralex Hearing Aid App

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What is Petralex Hearing Aid App?

Petralex Hearing Aid App is a medical app for Android OS that is in the field of audiology and hearing aid. Hearing Aid - Hearing amplifier. IT ForYou created Petralex Hearing Aid App to meet the need for Audiology apps in medicine. With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, its latest Petralex Hearing Aid App apk is from Wednesday 4th of October 2023 and is available for free download here.

Petralex Hearing Aid App description

The Petralex Hearing Aid App is a helpful app for people with hearing impairments. It acts as a sound amplifier, restoring your sound perception to natural levels. The app automatically adjusts to your specific hearing features and can amplify sounds up to 30 dB with a wired headset. It includes a built-in hearing test, dynamic compression to amplify quiet sounds, and various sound amplifier options. The app also offers a premium subscription with advanced features like powerful sound amplification, noise suppression, and profile customization. It's important to note that the app is not a medical device and should not replace professional audiology tests. The app provides a free 7-day trial and can be used with a regular headset or Bluetooth headset, although there may be some delay or echoing with Bluetooth.

Petralex Hearing Aid App features

  • Automatic adjustment to hearing specifics;
  • Hearing correction for each ear;
  • Adaptation to different types of environment;
  • Amplify up to 30 dB with a wired headset;
  • Built-in hearing test;
  • Dynamic compression. Amplify quiet sounds without losing the overall volume;
  • Using 4 options of sound amplifier;
  • Using the built-in 4-week adaptive course for getting used to the hearing aid app;
  • You can use your smartphone as a remote mic;
  • Support of Bluetooth headsets*.
  • “Super Boost” - powerful sound amplifier;
  • Players with sound amplifier;
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of profiles for different sound situations;
  • Regulated noise suppression – eliminates background noise, increases speech intelligibility;
  • Modern Dectone amplification method, that amplify sound even better. Advanced hearing test;

Download Petralex Hearing Aid App

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