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Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis

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What is Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis?

Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis is App designed to help and improve the diagnosis of acetabular fractures.. Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph created Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis app to meet the need for Acetabular apps in modern medicine. With an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, its latest Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis apk 1.4 is from Monday 11th of September 2023 and is available for free download here.

Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis screenshot for Android
Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis screenshot for Android
Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis screenshot for Android

Acetabular Fractures Diagnosis description

This smartphone and tablet app was designed to help the diagnosis of acetabular fractures and reduce the diagnostic error rate. It was designed for medical professionals, essentially orthopedic surgeons and radiologists.

This app is based on the Letournel’s classification and uses a diagnostic algorithm based on 8 anatomical landmarks. The algorithm was scientifically validated , It improves the correct diagnosis rate of 30% while divising by 3 the time required for a correct diagnosis.

To use this app, an exopelvic 3D view after removal of the femoral head of the fractured acetabulum is required. The diagnosis is performed by answering two to five questions depending on the type of fracture.

Once the diagnosis is established, one can visualize the table of the eight landmarks that match the diagnosis or ask for a surgical opinion from surgeons specialized in pelvic and acetabular fractures of the Orthopedic and Traumatology department of the Saint Joseph Hospital in Paris.

No patient data is stored in the app or on a remote server.

The diagnosis algorithm was designed by Guillaume Riouallon, MD and Pomme Jouffroy, MD of the Orthopedic Department of the Saint Joseph Hospital, Paris.

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